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Hello all, and welcome to Wellness Begins Here. I truly appreciate your visit and I’m thrilled with your interest in taking control over your own health and wellness. As a seasoned Wellness Coach and Fitness Trainer, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with so many amazing people, from around the country. Seeing them learn and heal has brought me great joy. My past-professional life exposed me to the medical, pharmaceutical, and holistic healing communities, and many years of client interaction have provided me with added knowledge and intuitive insight. Today, I use everything I have experienced and studied through the years to empower others. Take a deep breath and know that there is someone in your corner, empathetic to your seemingly unique and sometimes overwhelming challenges. With much love and support 

Kim Ruggierio, CWC, President and Owner of Wellness Begins Here, LLC

"The treatment is really a cooperative effort of a trinity - the patient, the doctor, and the inner doctor."

        -Ralph Bircher




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We believe in the value of self discovery, the rewards of virtuous action...and the power of play.

Whether preventing or addressing serious illness, we believe the road to short and long term wellness must focus on both natural and modern means. We support integrative medical knowledge and techniques. It is rare to find one answer to any health issue. The cause is usually a complex tapestry of factors involving diet, activity level, genetic predisposition, stress management, spiritual investment and so on. WBH approaches individual wellness holistically, meaning "as a whole" rather than by focusing on one potential cause and one potential solution.


For us, it's all about balance.


The importance of a balanced life with well managed stress levels cannot be emphasized enough. Here at WBH we live what we promote. We do our best each day to balance the "need to do" with the "want to do," within the context of mind/body/spirit. Of course no one's perfect, all the time. Our goal and a common goal we have for our clients is the 90/10 rule. Do the right thing 90 percent of the time and stray a bit the other 10 percent of the time. We believe that in itself is part of the balancing act of life. Knowing when to invest the effort and when to sit back and enjoy the rewards.

Behind the Scenes


The driving force behind Wellness Begins Here is Certified Wellness Coach, Corporate Wellness Coach, Fitness Trainer and Reiki Master, Kim Ruggierio.


Kim has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology & Wellness, is affiliated with The American College of Sports Medicine, and has been coaching competitive athletes and weight loss/fitness clients for more than 30 years. She has provided information, guidance, and motivation to men, women and children, the elderly, and medically involved clients of all ages and gender. Kim holds a current CPR Certification and is insured to work with clients throughout the United States and abroad.


Early on in her career, Kim held the following related positions:

  • Aerobic Dance Instructor
  • Competitive Dance Choreographer
  • Novartis Certified Bariatric Program Director
  • Employee Wellness Program Instructor
  • Recreation Program Coordinator
  • Compounding Pharmacy Technician
  • Project Team Leader


When she is not guiding and healing others, Kim achieves balance in her own life by walking, running, adventure cycling, kayaking, snowshoeing, strength training, hiking, camping, and through meditation, Qigong, Yoga and other mind/body practices. She also enjoys all forms of dance including Classical, Zumba, HipHop, playing the drums, and the power of play and pet therapy.


Much of her remaining time is spent studying advancements in health & wellness, and developing new tools for leading a healthy lifestyle, and of course...taking the long way home.


"Without adventure there is no experience. Without experience there is no vision."