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Previously published in Connections Magazine. Featuring WBH Wellness Coach Kim Ruggierio, her business, and how she supported her client Christina through a complex medical challenge.

Wellness Coach Is Here To Help


Kim Ruggierio, Pennsylvania resident, Wellness Coach, Fitness Trainer and Reiki Master, wants people to know that help exists, especially for people with serious health challenges. Ruggierio worked for years as the right hand of doctors, but her own experience struggling with undiagnosed Hypothyroidism has helped expand her horizons beyond traditional medicine with a greater emphasis on prevention of disease. Her journey drove her to become a Wellness Coach and launch her own coaching practice, Wellness Begins Here.


“When I was suffering with my own health issues, the medical profession helped me to a certain extent, but there was a limit to what they could do. I knew the rest was up to me. I had to become my own ‘Health and Wellness Advocate.’ Having trained others for many years, I revisited fitness solutions, and added nutrition, stress management, music and play therapy into the mix. ‘Don’t Forget to Play’ became my motto. Taking time off the hamster wheel of life, doing something that gives you butterflies in your stomach, became my most powerful medicine. Activities that release your inner child, such as bicycle riding, dancing or playing an instrument, are now part of my recipe for healing. I’ve also integrated meditation and prayer into my life. I’ve worked through my physical and emotional obstacles, reflected on my journey, and learned from my suffering. I use this knowledge to help others with similar challenges. It’s a balanced approach focused on the body, mind, and spirit connection. Spirituality, in particular, has become a big part of my life and business.”


Wellness Coaching for Ruggierio is an intense process of discovery for both her and her clients. She starts off with a consultation and assessment. “I look at the client’s complete health history, medications taken, what they eat and when, the supplements they take, their sleep habits, physical activity, their relationships, career goals, their traditions, beliefs, and daily stresses. I look at their blood work and other tests, sometimes going back ten years or more to help identify positive or negative trends. Having worked in the medical field, I am able to interpret this information and provide recommendations that the client and their doctors will consider, as a team. I also use my intuition and help my clients discover and develop their own, as well. This is a very important part of what I do. Applied knowledge and intuition, together with simply taking the time to evaluate them as a whole person, helps uncover root causes that lead to long-term solutions- true course corrections for a changed life, not just short-term band-aiding of symptoms.”


Even though medically-oriented, Ruggierio is not a Medical Doctor and does not diagnose disease. Her position on traditional medicine is positive but realistic. “The truth is, many doctors lack the time to delve fully into a patient’s situation. A team effort between patient/doctor/coach is often most effective. This allows the patients to maintain control over their own health and wellness while benefiting from the knowledge and recommendations the physician is trained to provide.”


One of Ruggierio’s success stories is her client, Christina. When she came to Ruggierio, Christina was a young adult whose kidney function was at 14%, a level too low to support a safe transplant. If her kidney function went down to 12%, Christina would have to go on dialysis and disability, severely compromising her quality of life. She also was suffering side effects from various medications.


Ruggierio’s wellness plan for Christina included a customized meal plan, a goal of losing 10% of her total body weight, and increasing her fitness level through strength training, martial arts, dancing, walking, and light running. The plan also included building emotional strength to overcome the stress, particularly the helpless and hopeless feelings Christina felt when facing the magnitude of her situation.


“No matter what new goal Christina had to accomplish, while working together, she always maintained a positive attitude and demonstrated amazing strength and courage along the way.” Within less than a year on the plan, Christina’s confidence skyrocketed and her kidney functions went up to 28%, which made the complex transplant possible. “I cried when I heard the good news,” says Ruggierio. “ I am so thankful and blessed to be part of Christina’s healing process.” The results from the wellness plan were so positive that even after the transplant, Christina and Ruggierio still team together and share an unbreakable bond to this day.


In addition to being a professional Wellness Coach, Ruggierio has been a Certified Compounding Pharmacy Tech, a Novartis-Certified Bariatric Program Director, and an Employee Wellness Program Facilitator. She has a BS in Exercise Physiology and Wellness Studies, has been trained in Holistic Health, Nutrition & Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is affiliated with the American College of Sports Medicine. Ruggierio’s work has not gone unnoticed. Local television and newspapers have reported on WBH, and Kim’s articles have been featured in MARCI Magazine. When Ruggierio isn’t coaching clients, she is organizing private and corporate Wellness Circles, lecturing, and teaming with doctors and other healthcare professionals interested in learning more about balanced healing approaches for their patients.


“I believe we all have to take responsibility for our own well-being. My primary focus is on clients who are battling Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and other serious conditions. I want to help and heal, but empowering others to become their own health and wellness advocate is a top goal. I’m spreading the word that no matter what health challenges a person faces, there is hope. Freedom from disease is our natural state, and balanced living can help us maintain good health, but it’s not always easy. I want my clients to know I will climb the mountain with them. I know, first hand, that having someone in your corner who truly understands your struggle is both comforting and beneficial.”


Wellness Begins Here offers Wellness Coaching, Fitness Training, Dietary Guidance, and Reiki Energy Healing. For more information visit www.wellnessbeginshere.net.


Call 1-866-709-6005 or email Kim directly at kr@wellnessbeginshere.net

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