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Coaching sessions can be supported via telephone and live on the web using Skype Video Conferencing. If you are unfamiliar with Skype, our technical support team can assist you in setting up this free service.

WBH accepts Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX.

Bridging the Gap Between Natural Prevention

and Modern Medicine

Progressive Health & Wellness Solutions

WBH serves men, women and young people, however, we specialize in the unique needs of women of all ages. Many of our clients have battled or currently face serious illness and life challenges such as Thyroid Disease, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Lupus and other Autoimmune Diseases. Others are challenged by hormone imbalance as they approach and navigate their often frustrating and confusing menopause years. Cancer is often the most serious battle and ultimate test of attitude and survival.
We believe illness of any kind must be addressed on several levels, with the right combination of medical treatment and mind/body/spirit maintenance. A true holistic approach. 


Prevention is, of course, equally important and balanced living is the key and our core philosophy at Wellness Begins Here. Through balance, we can learn about ourselves, take mindful action, and achieve total wellness within our lives. We can prevent disease, increase our strength and develop our stamina. We can discover our life purpose and realize our most challenging goals. Whether you are seeking peace of mind, a fit body or spiritual depth, a holistic, balanced approach is your starting point.


Overall, our clients are amazing individuals that persevere with great courage and grace and we are privileged to team with them.


Some of our many services include:


Wellness Coaching - Virtual Fitness Training

Dietary Guidance

Reiki Energy Healing - Wellness Circles - Toning Classes

Hormone Management - Doctor Appointment Prep


Contact us for a free consultation. Learn how we can become your Wellness Coach and lead you to your new beginning.

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