Wellness Begins Here, LLC


Your WBH Wellness Coach focuses on the foods you enjoy so you will stay on track for the long-haul. WBH Dietary Guidance includes a food diary form that you complete and submit weekly, as well as customized menus we suggest, best suited to your lifestyle, tastes and goals. You'll learn how to read food labels and choose foods that will fuel both your mind and body.


We recognize people, emotions and food can go hand-in-hand. Sometimes food can be used for comfort. If we are stressed, not accepting of ourselves or dissatisfied with certain areas of our lives, we may overeat, undereat or make the wrong food choices entirely. Emotional and physical hunger can feel identical, unless you've learned to identify their distinguishing characteristics. We will examine your cravings, learn how food affects your mood and energy levels, and later how to adjust the timing and quantity of your food intake to improve performance and overall well-being. Balance is our #1 goal.


Your Wellness Coach can also help you plan and manage your shopping list and teach you how to prepare quick and healthy meals for people on the go. WBH can advise you before your big "night out on the town". You'll make wise decisions when visiting your favorite restaurants or attending holiday parties. You will learn how to enjoy your meals and return home satisfied.


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