Wellness Begins Here, LLC

Making the Most of Your Doctor Appointment

A Common Client Experience:


With health problems on the rise, some doctors are seeing fifty patients or more on any given day. Increased costs of doing business and a limited staff can force delays, shortcuts and drive physicians to work 10+ hour days. All of these factors can affect overall quality of service for the patient. Does this sound familiar? You schedule a doctor appointment 3 months in advance. You show up early but remain in the waiting room for 2+ hours. You finally get called into an often cold, cramped examining room. You wait for another 30 minutes. You become anxious about what you need to discuss with the doctor, your blood sugar may begin to fall, and your blood pressure goes up. Then the doctor finally enters the room. You perceive they are in a rush, judging by how quickly they are speaking and moving. They may start writing out prescriptions for you while you are still trying to tell them what you are experiencing. You are certain they are not really listening to you and can practically feel their stress and negative energy. You become distracted and fail to offer important information about your issues. You are intimidated because without medical training yourself, you feel a lack of empowerment to question this medical professional, even though your intuition tells you the direction you are being given may not be best for your own mind, body and spiritual well-being. You leave the appointment with a script in hand for something with a trendy tagline, and realize you waited 3 months and didn’t get your questions answered. Oh no! You also forgot to get a copy of your blood work. Your visit has left you feeling unfulfilled, confused, anxious and frightened. Your health problems may get masked by prescribed medications. Your root cause may not be addressed. You have no idea what to do next. Help!


A Wellness Coaching Case Study:


You go to your doctor’s appointment prepared, feeling confident and relaxed. You are carrying a snack and water with you. You are your own patient advocate. You have the tools to help you ask the right questions, in the most effective manner, to receive valuable information in return. You are carrying a folder. Inside, you have a written list of questions and concerns that you will address with your doctor. Your previous blood work has highlighted areas to be discussed that was overlooked from the past and signed off on as “normal.” What if the normal range is not my normal range, you ask assertively? You are educated, before your doctor appointment, on the potential side effects of your existing medications. You have an actual plan for what you wish to accomplish, with regards to your overall health and wellness. You have been provided with a blood work template to address with your doctor. Tests that may have never been considered during previous 3 min fast-track appointments. Tests that could give you the answers you have been searching for so desperately, for such a long time. You leave having a positive experience. You had a voice and played an important role in your health and wellness. You don’t forget to request copies of your blood work. Why, because your Wellness Coach teamed with you prior to your appointment. You are calm, and are thinking and communicating clearly. On point in every way. You know you are now on the right track to improving your situation. Your Wellness Begins Here.