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Hormone Management for Women

Our body’s hormone balance is very delicate. Throughout our lives, our hormone levels increase and decrease. They even fluctuate at different times of the day and night. Too much or too little, at any point in time, can dramatically affect our overall quality of life. Proper levels are important for our daily coping, productivity, and long-term emotional, mental, and bodily health. Some individuals may be perimenopausal and menopausal, and not even know it.


Individualized Hormone Replacement Therapy* or HRT is something you may benefit from. I recognize that HRT should not be “one size fits all” and that every person has a unique blueprint that is just right for them. I know that people may become overwhelmed when learning about HRT and confused about what to do next to improve their situation. I can personally relate to these challenges and will guide you through this complex process.


Just some of the symptoms and areas that may be affected due to hormone imbalance:


  • Energy Production
  • Bone Health
  • Immune System Health
  • Sleep Quality
  • Skin Regeneration
  • Brain Fog/Poor Memory
  • Hot Flashes
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Low Body Temperature/Slow Metabolism
  • Chronic Stress and Related Health Problems
  • Depression/Mood Swings
  • Undiagnosed Thyroid Problems/Adrenal Fatigue


As an experienced WBH Wellness Coach, I will:


  • Educate you on the types of hormones and their biological effects in the body.
  • Guide you through the pros and cons of Synthetic HRT vs. Natural Bio-Identical HRT. 
  • Help assess, in collaboration with you and your endocrinologist or gynocologist, whether or not you have a possible Thyroid/hormone imbalance.
  • Provide you with comprehensive hormone blood work templates, based on your individual needs. This will help you effectively collaborate with your doctor, lab or hospital when testing.
  • Provide you with a personalized hormone checklist to give to your doctor, at your appointment, when discussing treatment options.
  • Review your blood work, pre, during and post HRT treatment and team with you to determine if you are at an optimal level for your individual needs/goals.
  • Team with you to help determine if you would benefit from HRT. Some people do well with Synthetic HRT & others may do better with Natural Bio-Identical Hormones.


*Note: Natural Bio-Identical Hormones are derived from plants, are identical to human hormones. Once they are absorbed, they are indistinguishable from your own. They have little or no side-effects. Some people actually do well with synthetic hormones, but side-effects can be experienced from the chemical source and coatings of these medications.