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What is Virtual Fitness Training?


WBH trains clients both in-person, and remotely nationwide through our Virtual Fitness Training Program. Our VFT Program is all about education and guidance. Our long-term goal is to empower our clients, not simply provide them with a quick fix. We begin with a full health and wellness assessment, where we review your full health history, sleeping habits, medication, current fitness level, medical challenges (if any), body type, genetic factors, lifestyle and what your fitness and weight loss goals are.


People come in every shape and size. After assessing your foundation, we team with you to establish a game plan that's configured specifically for you. We create a WBH Exercise Prescription that's based on your challenges, abilities and goals. This approach is designed to safely boost your results while streamlining your efforts.


Unlike many training programs, our program doesn't limit you to one or two specific sports or activities. Many clients enjoy toning exercises, biking, walking, swimming, running, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, dance, stretching, strength training, softball, tennis, Pilates and Zumba, and most continue these activities well into the future, even after their initial goals are met. We believe in playful, enjoyable exercise, positive lifestyle changes for lasting physical and mental fitness, and never in starvation diets, diet pills, and overly aggressive exercise programs that cannot be followed regularly for many months and years into the future.


But there's more to Fitness Training than simply exercise. We help educate you in proper rest and recovery techniques, centering practices such as meditation, and we provide dietary guidance targeting fitness and weight loss. Our Dietary Guidance services include a food diary form that you complete and submit weekly as well as customized menus we suggest, best suited to your lifestyle, tastes and goals. We'll teach you how to read food labels, understand the ingredients, and use foods that will fuel your mind and body and will keep your metabolism steady and high so you will have more energy, more focus and will burn fat while building lean muscle mass.


Our VFT Program caters to many types of people at various levels of fitness:

  • Sedentary (not currently exercising)
  • Medically challenged or individuals experiencing issues such as vertigo, low energy, poor circulation or metabolic disorders. No worries. All exercises can be modified accordingly, for increased safety.
  • Moderately fit but have hit a "plateau" or are bored doing the same routine and want to learn something new & fun.
  • People training for special events such as a Cancer Walk, Bicycling Event, Marathon, or Firemen/Police fitness tests for example.


  • Competitive athletes with very specific fitness goals.    


How can WBH provide these services remotely?


We have experienced great success with our VFT Program. The following are just a few program elements we cover with clients from all around the country.

  • Regular assessment sessions, motivational coaching and client/coach Q&A opportunities are easily provided via telephone, email, and Skype web conferencing.
  • Educate you on what exercise equipment, which gyms and what reading/web material is best for your particular purposes.
  • You will learn how to safely warm up and cool down and learn how to take your target heart rate for safety and effectiveness.
  • Body measurements are taken and emailed or faxed to us along with current weight as a starting point.
  • Frequency, duration and intensity of exercise are to be considered for each person. As we age, frequency in particular is the key to fitness and overall wellness.
  • "Weigh-In" days/dates and data are carefully recorded, tracked and assessed.

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