Wellness Begins Here, LLC


How does WBH Wellness Coaching differ from traditional Wellness Coaching?


A typical Wellness Coach will help you identify a healthy vision for your life which is in alignment with your values as a person. They guide you through the process of setting goals and achieving measurable results in all areas of mind, body and spirit.


WBH takes the traditional Wellness Coaching approach one step further by:


  • Specialty in health & wellness needs of women clients, such as hormone therapy options and navigation through menopause.


  • Providing specialized Fitness Training services to both mainstream and medically challenged clients, locally and nationwide via email, phone and Skype web conferencing.


  • Educating clients on the pros and cons of various preventative and healing methods - including modern medicine as well as both complementary and alternative medicine such as Reiki.


  • Guiding clients on their journey to find and maintain their best mind/body/spirit balance point as an individual.


  • Offering dietary guidance based upon the specific challenges, needs, and goals of the client.


  • Preparing our clients for their doctors visit, to maximize the benefit of long awaited appointments.



  • Connecting our clients with knowledgeable healthcare providers and wellness resources to support long-lasting health and happiness.


Contact us for a free consultation. Learn how we can become your Wellness Coach and lead you to your new beginning.