Wellness Begins Here, LLC

As President, Owner and primary Wellness Coach at Wellness Begins Here, I have had the pleasure of teaming with many amazing women (and some men as well), from all around the country. Whether it be through Wellness Coaching or Fitness Training, each one of them has inspired me and helped me grow to assist others. I am grateful for having met them and for their positive energy and extraordinary support. Here are a few of their stories.


-Kim Ruggierio, CWC

"Within the past few years of my life, I've tried to lose weight & eat healthier but never had the will power to do so. Working with Kim gives me the will, confidence, motivation, and inspiration to achieve my goals. I am a 22 year old, female, with stage 4 chronic kidney disease. When I first met with Kim my kidney function was at 14%. She Fitness Trained me and taught me better eating habits. Through wellness coaching sessions, Kim strengthened my mind, body & spirit, and now my kidney function has increased to 24%. Kim has also educated me on the medications I am taking and how they affect my body. She has thoroughly studied my blood work and picked up on things my own doctor didn't notice! Teaming with Kim has been a life changing experience for me and has made me realize I DO have will power and I CAN achieve my goals!"
"Kim came into my life exactly like she says; for 'a season, a reason or a lifetime' through a mutual friend. I was not at all sure that I needed a "wellness coach" or any kind of coach but I am so very glad I took Kim up on her offer and found out what her approach would be. Her kind, gentle yet very appropriate way was the very catalyst for me finding my way back to myself, no, to a new better self. She talked, listened and guided me down a road of wellness and wholeness. I always had what I needed, Kim just helped me dig through all the years of neglect and find myself. I am eternally grateful to her. Give her a call, see where she can lead you."
“Kim has been working with me on various fitness goals for many years ranging from a one-day 100 mile bicycle event to preparing for a mini-marathon to just being prepared for the outdoor pick-up soccer season. Under Kim’s guidance, I have been able to accomplish these goals successfully. She is assertive, passionate, and professional. She is very knowledgeable about training techniques that both challenged and motivated me. Her style is creative while remaining focused. Kim worked very hard to make sure our training time was effective both physically and mentally. She created a well-rounded training program for my specific needs. Everything that Kim had taught me over the years has allowed me to pass boot camp and become an accomplished firefighter. I appreciate her guidance and her continued support.”
“I would like to begin by saying that Kim has changed my life in more ways than one. Before I started fitness training with her, I used an inhaler for my Asthma twice a day for many years. We worked out combining aerobics, toning exercises, stretching and speed walking. Then over time I was able to run 3 miles. Needless to say I stopped using my inhaler because I felt so great and my doctor told me I no longer needed to use it. I enjoyed all of our workouts. She is truly a motivator. I have more energy and a positive attitude since I started working with her. I am a better person, a better Mom and a better employee because of the dedication and passion Kim has passed onto me. She is truly amazing in her talents and gives of herself 110%. Kim, I applaud you in your love for helping people all over the world.”
"Kim has a way of bringing exercise to a different level. She cares not only about your physical status, she wants you to succeed spiritually and mentally, as well. As a woman, Kim understands what we go through. She is a strong, beautiful person who has inspired me to be the best me. What a heart of gold and a dedication to helping people. A physical, emotional, spiritual teacher!"